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Update Client PingBooster Version 1.6

Update Client PingBooster Version 1.6

Update PingBooster Client 1.6 

1. Update UX / UI

In Version 1.6, we have improved the UX / UI interface to make it easier to see, based on past customer experience. To improve.

2. Update system Login 

3. Scan the game automatically in the first time.

When Login is completed, the system will scan your game at PingBooster service, we automatically support. Easy to get customers to play the game.

Update PingBooster Client 1.6

4. Improve the game to make it easier to understand.

5. Update Start Game

Get more insight and support for future graphing ping games.

Update PingBooster Client 1.6

6. Multilingual Language

Update PingBooster Client 1.6

7. Improve performance.

Of course, when the UpVersion has to improve the internal system better as a Client, Server, Games better.

Download PingBooster Version 1.6.0 This Here
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