How to use Custom Games

Custom Games is the feature for add any game for use on Pingbooster by following these step.

1. Click "Add Games" from Home

2. Scroll and find "Custom Games" or click on textbox "Search" and type "Custom Games" than click the icon

3. You will see setting windows and for each elements described by following
- "Main game file" The main game file that used while playing games 
- "Launcher" The file that use to start the game you can leave it empty but you will not use auto launch the game.By the way you still can launch them by yourself.
- "Game name" Use for named this game setting 

(Ragexe.exe is "main game file" for Ragnarok Online)

(Ragnarok.exe is laucher file for Ragnarok Online)

(Ragexe.exe for "main game file" and Ragnarok.exe for "laucher" in Ragnarok Online's folder)

(Example completed settings for done )



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